Bobosteke: Much Ado About The Wedding Party

Bobosteke: Much Ado About The Wedding Party



Yes, I know; I’m late to the party (no pun intended). But What. A. Party. I laughed outright, much to the consternation of my host; and privately, to the annoyance of my phone. I’m sure, it (the phone), hisses whenever I click on the movie. I just skip straight to the scenes that improve my flat tummy goals and have fun.

It was funny, yeah; BUT, not without some (okay a lot) of avoidable slips. I scoured the Internet thinking someone would have written about them, but did not find any. If at all there are any previous reviews like this, I apologize in advance that my service provider did not cover the location of said review (is that even possible). If there aren’t, well, what do you know? It’s a first.

The following is an unprofessional review. Some people do this for a living and my attempt is in no way meant to be passed off as the real thing. These are just my observations. And I’m not not altogether unlike anyone else anyway; I just “watch” movies too.

1. The Biker

In the opening scene, a biker was delivering invites to the wedding to the bride’s house, where I-am-a-thief-not-a-robber- Lukman, happened to snag a copy after a near accident. Said biker arrived at Dunni’s house at the same time as Yemisi and Deardre with the package (invites). The question is why invitation cards on the day of the wedding?

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