3 relationship lessons from engaged stars

3 relationship lessons from engaged stars


Adesua and Banky have blown our minds with their love story and we’re out here learning from their breath-taking romance.

Adesua Etomi, Banky W

When Banky and Adesua announced their engagement on their separate Instagram accounts yesterday, the beautiful words and totally adorbs pictures took centre stage and that’s just so OK.

How could we all not swoon at the way Banky lovingly found a way to coin another endearing name of Adesuwa [Susu], or the way Susu sweetly referred to Banky as Olubankole… I mean… such romance was just too much to not get us up in our feelings.

Well, we are still so excited for them but the giddiness the news brought us has calmed a bit and we can now observe their fairytale with a view to understanding what we can learn from the cute-as-a-button couple.

Below, we list three relationship tips your relationship can use from Adesua and Banky’s love story.

1. The friend-zone isn’t such a bad place

Lol. That was pretty easy to see, right? And this one is for the guys.

Come on fellas, when a girl says she just wants to be friends, you have to respect that and not run away because you do not want to be in the ‘friendzone.’

The handsome, talented, rich Banky was friends with the woman for about a year and half even though he was longing to have her as something more.

If Banky can, you surely can, too.

A little patience, guys. Not every friendzone is a bad place to.

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