WOW!!! See Art By The Best Nigeria Graffiti Artist Osa Seven ,The...

WOW!!! See Art By The Best Nigeria Graffiti Artist Osa Seven ,The 3rd Pic Will Amaze You [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]


Osa Okunkpolor who is also known as “Osa Seven” is a Urban GFX and Graffiti Artist, with an enthusiasm for recounting stories utilizing contemporary Art.

Art By The Best Nigeria Graffiti Artist Osa Seven

Furnished with his stencils, shower paint, epoxy, varnish, paper, and sheets, he disturbs spaces that permit him express his innovativeness. Osa’s work ranges from pictures of notable characters, to grand pictures, mark outlines, theoretical art, and tribal craftsmanship plans that interest to the human feelings. Osa tends to doodle on anything he can lay his hands on, as his meandering pen is always tingling to recount a story.

Osa has stated on his Instagram page saying that;

A couple of days ago, I announced that the Lagos State Government had commissioned me to create a monument. Today, i would like to invite you to join me on this journey as my team and I capture Lagos and the beautiful structures/installations that mark time.
Welcome to @theekotag #LagosState #Ekotag #GraffitiLagos #OsaSeven


EkoTag Monuments are like bookmarks & highlights. They remind us of the things we must never forget. EkoTag is about revisiting great moments of Lagos.




He additionally has supporters from the greater part of the top famous people in Nigeria, who came to demonstrate some adoration and gratefulness to his on going Art occurring at Lagos. see a portion of the photos underneath ;



Watch Video displaying the Visits from Chocolate City and Judah Below:



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