Man catches wife cheating on him with his mum; her reason will...

Man catches wife cheating on him with his mum; her reason will shock you!


Spanish couple Alejandro and Tania spilled their family secrets on live television after Alejandro accused his wife of cheating with his own adoptive mother.

Speaking on the Caso Cerrado, a show that handles legal cases, the aggrieved husband felt betrayed by his wife hence why he was asking for a divorce.

In his narration to the TV show host, Ana Maria Polo, Alejandro claimed that his wife refused to have sex with him while they were dating and only agreed to consummate their union on the night of their wedding.

Man catches wife cheating

On her own part, Tania defended herself by revealing her congenital condition. She was born without a vagina, a condition she was diagnosed with at the age of 14, and she insists she loves her husband.

“I’m not a regular woman. I’ve never had a vagina,” said Tania who came to the show armed with her test results. “In my case, it’s completely absent.” I have suffered greatly because of this.”

Tania added that she underwent surgery to create a vaginal cavity so she could have penetrative sex with her husband, but it was too painful. It was for this reason she asked her mother-in-law to penetrate her with a dildo to help widen the vaginal cavity.

Man catches wife cheating

A doctor invited to speak on the show confirmed that women with such conditions need to “continually dilate themselves” as part of their ongoing treatment and therapy.

Well, that was not okay with Alejandro who still wanted a divorce, and the show host, Ana Maria Polo, granted the application.

While the case is a heartbreaking one, it has raised pertinent questions like: why did Tania refuse to share her story with her husband?

A similar case is the Georgian woman Devan Merck who was born with the same condition and diagnosed when she was 12. She later underwent the life-changing surgery, married and shared her story with her husband.

The couple hope for a child, and appear to lead a happy life.

Now, one wonders why one female chose to hide her condition from her husband and is choosing to only speak out on national TV, while the second shared her story with her partner.


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