“Please help me get access to my son” Actor Yomi Fabiyi cries...

“Please help me get access to my son” Actor Yomi Fabiyi cries as son clocks six.


Nollywood producer and actor Yomi Fabiyi is obviously in a sober mood this morning as his first and only son clocks six.

The actor in a very touching post cried out that he needs access to his son who he had not seen in many years. In his emotional post, the actor recounted how the mother of his son has denied him access because of her anger towards him.

“I did all I can to have access to you. I married your step mom among other things so I can have civil means to gain access.” The actor said revealing the reason he married his British wife Fran.

The emotional actor in his post begs his followers to help him get access to his six year old son whose mother’s anger and bitterness have denied him from showing his son love.

“I wait for the day you’ll call me daddy” he wrote.

Then in a desperate move, the actor dropped his mobile number hoping someone it would reach his six year old son.

Recently, the actor revealed he was working on divorcing his British wife as the marriage was not working out and he has hopes of loving again.

Love has indeed been unkind to the talented actor.


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