Anambra rally – Take whatever you see – IPOB warns Obiano, APC...

Anambra rally – Take whatever you see – IPOB warns Obiano, APC members


The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Thursday pledged to leave a rally wanted to hold in Anambra State by the All Progressives Congress, APC.

In an announcement made accessible to DAILY POST by Emma Powerful, IPOB reputation secretary, the gathering cautioned of desperate outcomes of holding the rally.

It, accordingly, forewarned “Representative Willie Obiano alongside specific components inside APC Anambra State to scrap their solidarity rally in support of Buhari’s Government or face the limitless results of their activities on account of the general population.”

Giving purposes behind the risk, the IPOB stated, “it bears a resemblance to vulgar lack of care that specific Igbo talking individuals in urgent need of cash to encourage their youngsters at these severe circumstances, would go similarly as wanting to boldly hold a rally in support of this Buhari organization that has murdered and stole more than 1000 Biafran men and ladies.

“Does it mean these people don’t know about the as of late discharged reports by Amnesty International, INTERSOCIETY, Human Rights Watch and Civil Liberties Organization (CLO), the militarisation of Igbo talking parts of Biafraland or the illicit detainment of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the pioneer of IPOB. We might want to caution those behind this show of disgrace to follow their means or face the outcomes of their covetous activities.

“It was in the same Anambra State that Buhari requested his Nigerian Army drove by Brigadier General Tukur Buratai to slaughter several vulnerable IPOB rally goers at Nkpor and Onitsha Head-connect with scores missing, assumed dead.

“Whoever thought of this thought of holding a rally in Anambra State in support of Buhari who has not concealed his contempt and genocidal plan towards Biafrans as a rule and Igbos specifically, must have his cerebrum inspected.

“That a couple of people, maybe out of budgetary distress considering the extraordinary yearning in the land, longed for arousing to bolster an unrepentant mass killer like Buhari, demonstrates the level of good rot at the heart of initiative in Anambra State and Igboland by and large.

“Any individual or gathering of people sufficiently doltish to turn out to rally for Buhari on the tenth of March 2017, whatever they see they take.

“Over the span of our examinations, we have found the stunning reality that specific unethical Buhari operators in Anambra State as far as anyone knows declared the accessibility of the entirety of Three Hundred Million Naira (300,000,000.00) to be shared among those sufficiently absurd to go to the proposed rally.

“It was likewise asserted, however not checked at the season of this press proclamation, that Willie Obiano the Executive Governor of Anambra State offered to contribute around Two Hundred Million (200,000,000. 00) of Anambra State reserves towards this rally as a show of support for Buhari.

“We have counseled brokers, advertise ladies, houses of worship, church, understudies union, transporters and all IPOB relatives in the state to be on alarm and not to be a piece of this offensive rally sorted out with blood cash against our dead saints and the reclamation of Biafra.

“IPOB will utilize every accessible intend to stop this show of disgrace and coarse obtuseness to our overcome saints and courageous women murdered by Buhari. We would consider Ngige and Obiano capable ought to individuals collect to demonstrate any type of support for the mass killer Buhari. The outcomes of such an activity will be inestimable and on the leaders of the coordinators will it unequivocally lie.

“We know this show of disgrace was arranged by APC in Anambra State as a push to decrease the truly critical World Biafra Genocide Exhibition sorted out by IPOB Worldwide commencing in Spain on the tenth of March 2017.

“This IPOB sorted out presentation in Vittoria Basque Region Spain, is the first of its kind in the historical backdrop of Biafra rebuilding and will draw in guests from everywhere throughout the world including real European media houses. IPOB will include pictures and video film of genocide submitted by the British and Nigerian governments from 1966 to date.

“The display will highlight in each real capital city of the world and is intended to convey home to the world the repulsions of the genocide conferred and as yet being submitted against the general population of Biafra by any semblance of Gowon, Obasanjo, Buhari and of late Tukur Buratai drove Nigerian Army.

“We realize that these con artists arranging this rally for Buhari have consummated their arrangements to send recordings, pictures/photographs of their blood cash rally to every one of the media houses the world over to give the deceptive impression that not all in Biafraland are in support of Biafra genocide show in Victoria Spain and that those battling for the rebuilding of Biafra are just in diaspora.

“Along these lines, we alert each Biafran to cease from such call from Obiano and APC in Anambra State on that day in light of the fact that the fury of our young people will dive on those mindful.

“We additionally caution those as yet utilizing the name of IPOB under the incomparable initiative of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to parade before government officials and political gatherings, to halt forthwith in light of the fact that IPOB have no hand at all in any talks with any political gathering.

“IPOB is 100% against any electioneering or voting in Biafraland come November 2017, until our aggregate opportunity is accomplished. In this way any government official or political gathering guaranteeing comprehension or association with IPOB is a visionary and backstabber, such a man ought to be stoned in broad daylight.

“Government officials are therefore cautioned to be careful with IPOB in light of the fact that we are not and can never be keen on Nigerian legislative issues. Our emphasis is on Biafra rebuilding not further cooperation in Nigerian legislative issues.”


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