What Alexis and I were ‘laughing’ about against Bayern Munich – Cech

What Alexis and I were ‘laughing’ about against Bayern Munich – Cech


Alexis was caught on camera laughing after he was substituted

Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech, has denied that he and Alexis Sanchez were giggling on the seat, amid their 5-1 misfortune to Bayern Munich in the Champions League last-16 tie a week ago.

Alexis was gotten on camera giggling after he was substituted, as the Gunners slammed out 10-2 on total.

Yet, Cech says the allegations are “ill bred”.

“It is tragic and he was as pitiful as I have seen him,” Cech said.

“Tragically when you say the sentence, ‘Had we scored the second objective everything could look changed’ and after that you do “ooph” [exhale] you know, however at last actually you are 5-1 down and someone turns it and says you are snickering on the seat.

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“I thought that it was extremely ill bred to the player. Be that as it may, clearly you can take the photo and you can translate it the way you need tragically. In any case, we the players, we know precisely what he said and we know how he was harming and he was as baffled as any other individual. It is lamentable and disillusioning.”


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