“I did ashawo work for nothing” – Nigerians who were deported from...

“I did ashawo work for nothing” – Nigerians who were deported from Libya say how they had been forced into prostitution



Some young women who had recently returned from Libya were cumbersome stories of how they were forced to prostitute themselves by the people who took them to the land of narrated North Africa.

Unlike 130 Nigerians deported last December, this group voluntarily returned from Libya on Tuesday on a rented plane flight from New Tunisia and revealed some horrific family stories for human trafficking and sexual slavery.

The Guardian reports that “Search and director said the rescue of Nema, Salisu Mohammed, who gave a breakdown of returnees consists of 109 females and 49 males, seven children and six children.”

Read interesting stories to worry about as she told The Guardian newspaper about some women.

Over 21 year old Ogechi Jibril of the IMO state said:

“I traveled in October 2016. The trip was very difficult, and he went through many obstacles .. immigration, police and the desert When we finally got to Libya, we are suffering more than we have to make money to eat and pay the burger we have, and the people who took us there. We cheated. I was told that I was going there to work, and I’m not saying he will do prostitution.

When I arrived there, we had to sleep with men, and collect money. They said we have to pay all the money spent to reach Nigeria and the amount that is needed is N700,000. So any day we slept with the men, and collect money.

One morning, some people came and attacked us, they are killing many people, and when he came to our place, broke down the door and asked us to go out and taken to jail. ”

The Nigerian government must help us, we do not want this kind of work again. “

24-year-old Vivian Kelechi, said:

“I thought it was normal and I’m going to do the job, I did not know it was a brothel. I suffered a lot, and the man took me there and bought me somebody else, so I had to pay.

The man who took me there has to pay me to cover his travel expenses. He said the money N650,000. What is hurting me is that I have lost everything, I have nothing now, my mother died and I could not take care of her. Ashawo did work for nothing, Rahmi is now reduced, every time I want to bath, I feel my belly and I know I have the infection.

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I was about to write WAEC, but I had to leave school because my mother was sick. When I got to my mother’s illness and worse, someone told me about traveling and she accepted me because I needed the money to help my mother. We need the Nigerian government to help us work so we will not return to this kind of work again. “

26-year-old Aminat Adewale, from Ogun State, said:

“I traveled last year in August. I’ve being cheated, and a woman took us told us we were going to Italy, not by land but by air. Many people died in the road, and I even was lucky to be alive. When we got to Libya and women sold us.

We have not being told the kind of work that we should do, we were forced into prostitution and made us pay.

I choose to travel because I could not get a job after school. I learned nursing after high school, but when I checked the status of the hospital and discovered that I have this, I have to find a way to stay alive. If our government would help, do not bother to travel to another country. “

21-year-old Deborah Ebiwonjumi, from Ondo State, said:

“I traveled to Libya in February 2016 the parents of some people said they are going to help get a job in Libya when I got there, and the lady who was working better than I. In the last month, and she told me that And told her husband that she deliberately poured soap on the floor, she hit me and broke my hand, and then she took me to the hospital and left me there. I recovered, I did not know that my Lady title, so the police came and took me to jail.

Gift Peters said:

“I arrived in Libya for 11 months after he cheated took me to Germany. In Libya, and sold to someone who has a touch home in Libya, where they were subjected to ill-treatment and we are every day. If you do not want to work, you will do something that will make want to die . sometimes the use of iron to burn. sometimes our instructions to urinate for us to drink.

At present, women have been given only N19,650 each with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Lagos.

However, authorities never lose sight of the detention of these traffickers, just as the British government detained the fugitive traffic Nigeria Franca Asemota, or similar when it intercepted an Nigerian Immigration Service bus for allegedly smuggling children under the age Legal in Ebonyi?


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